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Garden Rainwater Collector

  • Vertical water flow
  • automatic overflow
  • frost-proof
  • stainless steel
  • Rainwater for garden irrigation


The garden rainwater collector is installed in the vertical rainwater downpipe. It filters the runoff rainwater from the roof before discharging the filtered water to a rainwater barrel.
It is designed for very low maintenance: Leaves, dirt and other debris entrained in the rainwater falls through the collector and is flushed out to the soakaway or drain.

The filtered water is ideal for garden irrigation. The garden rainwater collector is also available without a filter insert for use purely as a rainwater collector.


The maximum flow rate through the garden rainwater collector is 4.2 liters per second (depending on the capacity of the downpipe). As with all WISY filters, the cross-sectional area for rainwater flow does not change at any point inside the filter, i.e. to ensure the free flow of water, the cross-section is not restricted at any point. There is no risk of blockage even during torrential rainfall events which may flush large quantities of debris into the filter. The garden rainwater collector meets the requirements defined by EN 12056 / EN 752 and also conforms to DIN 1989. The hydraulic efficiency of the filter is excellent. With an inflow rate of 1.5 liters per second, for example, 90 % of the inflowing water is harvested as filtered water.


The garden rainwater collector housing is made of stainless steel. It can be fitted anywhere in the downpipe. It is of course frost-proof and corrosion-resistant and can be installed in downpipes made of zinc, copper or plastic without risk of galvanic action. The filters are available to fit various sizes of commercially available rainwater downpipe.


Installed at the correct height, the garden rainwater collector automatically functions as an overflow for the rainwater barrel. As soon as the rainwater barrel is full, the rainwater collector diverts any excess water to the storm drain or soakaway. There is no risk of overflow.


All WISY filter inserts are designed for very low maintenance. It is virtually impossible for debris or dirt to stick to their smooth, stainless-steel surface. As a result, the filter inserts have a long service life. Since the garden rainwater collector is installed above ground level, it is easily accessible and protected against backflow in the sewer system. When necessary, the filter insert can be removed from the housing in just a few simple steps for cleaning by a high-pressure cleaner or in the dishwasher.


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