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Rain filtration

A basic rainwater collection system catches rainwater from your roof or other surface and channels it into a container for storage. It’s to ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition, to avoid degradation of biological material, development of odors, microorganisms, pollutants, and debris.

Water Standard

Rainwater contains calcium, magnesium, iron, and fluoride in appropriate concentrations that are considered very essential for health. Although most essential nutrients are derived from food, the lack of minerals, including calcium and magnesium, in rainwater may represent a concern for those on a mineral-deficient diet.


Domicile rainwater harvesting is emerging as an intelligent option for water supply in residential applications. A home integrated with a rainwater harvesting system offers much to gain without sacrifice. The engineered system combines natural processes and high technology to collect, store, and use the very best water. Rainwater harvesting provides many benefits to be enjoyed personally at home. And also that will satisfy your basic needs.

Commercial rainwater harvesting Office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and other commercial properties can reap substantial benefits from rainwater harvesting. Collection and reuse eliminate periodic demand stress on public water sources. Using harvested rainwater can reduce water bills in some areas and may be eligible for tax incentives

Landscape Irrigation collecting rainwater provides a new resource, a clean source of water for landscape irrigation. Rainwater is naturally designed to water plants and it can easily be used for your indoor and outdoor gardens. Harvesting rainwater can reduce the use of drinking water for landscape irrigation. It is also an effective water conservation tool and proves more beneficial when coupled with the use of native, low-water-use, and desert-adapted plants. You can also attach any rainwater storage tanks directly to an automatic irrigation system.




CPC offers rainwater harvesting consultancy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We can offer complete RWHS consulting with our years of expertise in rainwater harvesting.


We undertake rain water harvesting for industrial sites and commercial places.

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rainwater harvesting tank

Rainwater harvesting tank manufactured by us are very cost effective and design according to customer requirements. We manufacture precast RCC rainwater harvesting tank as well as construction of underground rainwater harvesting tanks. Cost of the rain water harvesting tank depends on the following details.

1. rainwater harvesting tank size

2. Design of rainwater harvesting tank

3. Location

Descriptions Details
Precast Tank Size
5000 Litres
2100 mm
1800 mm
Wall Thickness - Top Cover
75 mm
Base bottom
100 mm
M30 Grade
Steel Thickness
TMT 8 mm (Two way - 125 mm Space)
Loading bearing Capacity
10 Tonnes
Cost per litre
14.5 (Approximate)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most roof surfaces are perfectly ok to collect from. The most ideal are slate or other smooth non-absorbent materials, and most types of tile are suitable. Flat roofs will give a reduced collection rate due to puddling and higher evaporation losses.

As long as the water is collected from a good surface, a good quality leaf filter is used, and the water is stored in a cool dark place.

Yes, step-by-step details are provided in a consumer friendly format. These instructions are written and illustrated so that someone doing this for the first time will be able to follow them. If required, we can send these to you when you place your order.

The only routine maintenance necessary is the cleaning of the rainwater filter unit. This is a simple 5-minute task and should be done approximately every three months. 

We provide high quality components, from the pumps we use to the filters, accessories and tanks. All our systems are designed to be easy to maintain to ensure the longest lifespan. Plus our technical team will be available in your area as per your convenience.

Rainwater can be used for toilet flushing, washing clothes, watering the garden and car washing.

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