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Things “Not” to Flush down the Toilet

Flush down the Toilet

Your latrines work effectively, all day every day, of eliminating human waste from your home. In any case, that doesn’t make any of them an idiot proof waste expulsion framework. At just four inches wide at their greatest, your latrine’s openings and your home’s sewer pipes are essentially not intended to replace your home’s other waste administration choices. 

In the event that anybody in your home more than once flushes any of the things underneath, an obstructed line is your best result, and maintenance will cost you many dollars. Your most dire outcome imaginable is the cost of fixing water harm brought about by latrine flood, which could undoubtedly run into the large numbers. Here are some family things that are usually flushed and why you just shouldn’t do such as assuming you need to set aside yourself bother and cash. 

The Chemical Concerns 

Additionally, never flush conceivably dangerous or poisonous family materials like paint, liquid catalyst, cleaning items or different synthetics (not blanch or chlorine, which could be destructive to your sewer lines). 

All Hygiene Products 

These items sound like they ought to react likewise to tissue when flushed, however they don’t, and here’s the reason: 

The main class items are intended to assimilate water, not disintegrate in it; this implies they’ll extraordinarily grow on the off chance that you flush them. That extension can make every single one of them a few times their unique size, which can prompt stopped up pipes. These items incorporate all female cleanliness items and child diapers. 

The subsequent class incorporates all wipes that case to be protected to flush however essentially aren’t. We’ve discussed this previously; it was a major news thing the previous spring when we were all confronting bathroom tissue deficiencies. In any case, it merits rehashing here that no wipes, including child wipes, ought to be flushed on the grounds that they aren’t made of strands that break down in water. They travel through your lines into the bigger sewer framework, cluster together and cause enormous obstructs at water treatment plants. 

A presence of mind alert ought to be noted here against utilizing an excessive amount of bathroom tissue per flush. In addition to the fact that it is pointless, huge wads might move your latrine’s capacity to flush and in this way cause a blockage. 

Other Paper and Cotton Products 

Here are more items that bomb the trial of whether they break up in water and can along these lines obstruct your latrine or sewer lines whenever flushed: 

  • Paper towels and facial tissues
  • Cotton balls, cotton rounds, and Q-tips will in general cluster and tangle together and cause obstructs. 
  • Swathes regularly incorporate non-biodegradable plastic that can dirty water frameworks; likewise, their tacky glue can snatch different materials and make a significantly bigger stop up. 
  • Wiry Things 

These materials might appear to be meager yet don’t break up by any stretch of the imagination. All things considered, they tangle and cause a “netting” impact in your lines by getting and holding other waste when flushed: 

  • Dental floss 
  • A wide range of hair 
  • Utilize a normal garbage bin for the removal of the accompanying things. 
  • Food-Related Materials 

We’re not going to begin a theoretical conversation of for what reason you’d at any point need to flush these things; simply comprehend that you ought to never flush: 

  • Any oil or oils, especially cooking oil; when these fats cool, they turn strong, trap different materials, and can without much of a stretch stop up pipes. 
  • Any food; it’s biodegradable, indeed, yet will set aside a lot of effort to separate and will cause stops up meanwhile. 

Pet Products 

It appears to be a fine plan to flush pet waste, however how about we investigate. 

While a few brands of feline litter case to be flushable, it’s not 100% exact. Feline litter is intended to dry out squander, and the water stream in the present latrines regularly isn’t sufficiently able to move this material along appropriately. All things being equal, it settles and causes obstructs. Regardless of whether your latrine is capable, consider all the other things you’re placing into the sewer framework: conceivably sickness causing parasites and different materials that simply make the water harder to decontaminate. 

Pets make in-house wrecks including upchuck; see above with regards to food squander. 

We’ve all heard the metropolitan folklore about flushing dead fish. Like different things referenced here, fish don’t rapidly separate in water; rather they can stall out and cause an obstruction. 

  • Biting gum is both tacky and totally insoluble – two attributes that lead to expanded potential for blockage. 
  • Cigarette butts are a mix of several the classifications above; they retain water without separating, and they’re made of harmful synthetics. Regardless of whether they don’t influence your lines, they’re bound to harm the bigger water framework. 


With regards to flushing anything that is not bathroom tissue or normal human waste, simply say no. Show your loved ones: The inquiry to pose to yourself is, will this thing rapidly break down in the water? In the event that the appropriate response is no, you’re taking a chance with the smooth progression of your sewage pipes and surprisingly your water security on the off chance that you flush it at any rate. In that occasion, with regards to stops up, it’s anything but an issue of if; it’s an issue of when one creates and how much the maintenance will cost.

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